Acquires the device for the current thread. This function will block until no other thread has acquired the device. If the return value is CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS, you successfully acquired the device. From now on your thread owns the device and no other thread will be able to acquire it until a matching call to Device.release. It is allowed to recursively acquire the device multiple times from the same thread. Note You must never acquire two different devices at the same time unless this is explicitly allowed. Otherwise the possibility of deadlocks exist. As various Cairo functions can acquire devices when called, these functions may also cause deadlocks when you call them with an acquired device. So you must not have a device acquired when calling them. These functions are marked in the documentation. Since 1.10

class Device

Return Value

CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS on success or an error code if the device is in an error state and could not be acquired. After a successful call to Device.acquire, a matching call to Device.release is required.