The AtkDocument interface should be supported by any object whose content is a representation or view of a document. The AtkDocument interface should appear on the toplevel container for the document content; however AtkDocument instances may be nested (i.e. an AtkDocument may be a descendant of another AtkDocument) in those cases where one document contains "embedded content" which can reasonably be considered a document in its own right.



gulong addOnLoadComplete(void delegate(DocumentIF) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags)

The 'load-complete' signal is emitted when a pending load of a static document has completed. This signal is to be expected by ATK clients if and when AtkDocument implementors expose ATK_STATE_BUSY. If the state of an AtkObject which implements AtkDocument does not include ATK_STATE_BUSY, it should be safe for clients to assume that the AtkDocument's static contents are fully loaded into the container. (Dynamic document contents should be exposed via other signals.)

gulong addOnLoadStopped(void delegate(DocumentIF) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags)

The 'load-stopped' signal is emitted when a pending load of document contents is cancelled, paused, or otherwise interrupted by the user or application logic. It should not however be emitted while waiting for a resource (for instance while blocking on a file or network read) unless a user-significant timeout has occurred.

gulong addOnPageChanged(void delegate(int, DocumentIF) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags)

The 'page-changed' signal is emitted when the current page of a document changes, e.g. pressing page up/down in a document viewer.

gulong addOnReload(void delegate(DocumentIF) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags)

The 'reload' signal is emitted when the contents of a document is refreshed from its source. Once 'reload' has been emitted, a matching 'load-complete' or 'load-stopped' signal should follow, which clients may await before interrogating ATK for the latest document content.

string getAttributeValue(string attributeName)

Retrieves the value of the given attribute_name inside document.

AtkAttributeSet* getAttributes()

Gets an AtkAttributeSet which describes document-wide attributes as name-value pairs.

int getCurrentPageNumber()

Retrieves the current page number inside document.

void* getDocument()

Gets a gpointer that points to an instance of the DOM. It is up to the caller to check atk_document_get_type to determine how to cast this pointer.

AtkDocument* getDocumentStruct(bool transferOwnership)

Get the main Gtk struct

string getDocumentType()

Gets a string indicating the document type.

string getLocale()

Gets a UTF-8 string indicating the POSIX-style LC_MESSAGES locale of the content of this document instance. Individual text substrings or images within this document may have a different locale, see atk_text_get_attributes and atk_image_get_image_locale.

int getPageCount()

Retrieves the total number of pages inside document.

bool setAttributeValue(string attributeName, string attributeValue)

Sets the value for the given attribute_name inside document.