Returns a non-localized string naming the specified action of the object. This name is generally not descriptive of the end result of the action, but instead names the 'interaction type' which the object supports. By convention, the above strings should be used to represent the actions which correspond to the common point-and-click interaction techniques of the same name: i.e. "click", "press", "release", "drag", "drop", "popup", etc. The "popup" action should be used to pop up a context menu for the object, if one exists.

For technical reasons, some toolkits cannot guarantee that the reported action is actually 'bound' to a nontrivial user event; i.e. the result of some actions via Action.doAction may be NIL.

interface ActionIF
int i


i int

the action index corresponding to the action to be performed

Return Value

Type: string

a name string, or NULL if action does not implement this interface.