Allocate a new memory block that wraps the given data.

The prefix/padding must be filled with 0 if flags contains GST_MEMORY_FLAG_ZERO_PREFIXED and GST_MEMORY_FLAG_ZERO_PADDED respectively.

  1. this(GstMemory* gstMemory, bool ownedRef)
  2. this(GstMemoryFlags flags, ubyte[] data, size_t maxsize, size_t offset, void* userData, GDestroyNotify notify)
    class Memory


flags GstMemoryFlags
data ubyte[]

data to wrap

maxsize size_t

allocated size of data

offset size_t

offset in data

userData void*


notify GDestroyNotify

called with user_data when the memory is freed

Return Value


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.