Allocate a new buffer that wraps the given memory. data must point to maxsize of memory, the wrapped buffer will have the region from offset and size visible.

When the buffer is destroyed, notify will be called with user_data.

The prefix/padding must be filled with 0 if flags contains GST_MEMORY_FLAG_ZERO_PREFIXED and GST_MEMORY_FLAG_ZERO_PADDED respectively.

  1. this(GstBuffer* gstBuffer, bool ownedRef)
  2. this()
  3. this(Allocator allocator, size_t size, AllocationParams params)
  4. this(ubyte[] data)
  5. this(Bytes bytes)
  6. this(GstMemoryFlags flags, ubyte[] data, size_t maxsize, size_t offset, void* userData, GDestroyNotify notify)
    class Buffer


flags GstMemoryFlags
data ubyte[]

data to wrap

maxsize size_t

allocated size of data

offset size_t

offset in data

userData void*


notify GDestroyNotify

called with user_data when the memory is freed

Return Value


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.