Creates a new glib.HashTable with a reference count of 1.

Hash values returned by hash_func are used to determine where keys are stored within the glib.HashTable data structure. The g_direct_hash(), g_int_hash(), g_int64_hash(), g_double_hash() and g_str_hash() functions are provided for some common types of keys. If hash_func is NULL, g_direct_hash() is used.

key_equal_func is used when looking up keys in the glib.HashTable The g_direct_equal(), g_int_equal(), g_int64_equal(), g_double_equal() and g_str_equal() functions are provided for the most common types of keys. If key_equal_func is NULL, keys are compared directly in a similar fashion to g_direct_equal(), but without the overhead of a function call. key_equal_func is called with the key from the hash table as its first parameter, and the user-provided key to check against as its second.


hashFunc GHashFunc

a function to create a hash value from a key

keyEqualFunc GEqualFunc

a function to check two keys for equality

Return Value


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.